How do you want to feel?

In 2015, I organised a talent programme at work to support staff who had ideas about how to improve the organisation but didn’t necessarily have the contacts or clout to put them into action. It was an amazing experience and such a privilege to witness the growth of so many members of staff.

Yesterday was the feedback session; a time for these people to get together and consider how they could keep the momentum of growth going in their personal and professional lives. In this session, I introduced the participants to Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map.

I’ve found Danielle’s work to be really vital in my development over the past year. It’s a process where you explore and decide how you want to feel in life and you let your daily decisions be governed by whether your choices will bring more of what you want to feel into your life. Danielle calls these feelings ‘core desires’ and mine are feeling gutsy, authentic, expressive and glowing. In this vlog I’ve shared the impact these words have had on my life as well as a bit of the process of deciding on these core desires:

Unlike deciding on big goals that take a long time to work up to and often feel insurmountable, asking myself how I want to feel brings around small, meaningful change every single day of my life and makes my personal journey so much sweeter. It most importantly gives me permission to go after things that I used to deny myself, like asking for what I want in life, dedicating time to this blog or just spending hours singing Disney songs!

I was really nervous about including an exercise on core desires at the feedback session as I’ve previously shied away from removing my professional ‘mask’ and showing my true self at work; the Amy who is imperfect and still finding her feet in this world.

Looking back on the session, I feel that sharing the Desire Map was exactly what I needed to do and I hope that someone, even just one person from the session, will have a richer life because of what I shared with them. Ok, the session wasn’t perfect, it could have been executed better and I could have made it a more interactive experience (if you have any ideas of how I could do this, please share!). But I expressed myself in front of my colleagues, shared something that came from an authentic place and I stepped out of my comfort zone which makes me feel pretty gutsy!

If you’d like an extra peek at Danielle’s work, check this out: Core Desire Worksheet

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