66 days to form a habit

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been having some life coaching with a lady called Claire Obeid. It has been challenging, amazing and life-changing in so many ways but it’s soon coming to an end. In our recent session, Claire challenged me about how I’m going to keep my journey going without our regular check-ins and I’ve been pondering that a lot since our last session.

The biggest revelation I’ve recently had with Claire is about putting myself first. The problem is that life is so busy and it’s all too easy for putting myself first by spending time meditating, journalling etc. to get put on the back burner as the washing piles up and rubbish (but compelling!) TV calls my name! What’s a girl to do?

Well, I had this amazing thought this morning:

Wouldn’t it be amazing if spending time putting myself first was a habit that I just did?


This is something I can do…get to a place where it becomes a natural habit to put myself first! So, I did some research and found out from those brainy boffins at the University College London that it takes on average 66 days to form a habit.

So this is what I am setting out to do – a challenge of spending time with myself, listening to my internal compass, each day for 66 days. I’m hoping this will continue afterwards but just having this goal to work towards each and every day is really exciting!!!

Today as part of my #66dtfah (66 days to form a habit) I spent time looking at my oracle chakra cards – they are a great tool for setting intentions and delving deeper into what is below the surface of my thoughts.

Until recently, I had hang-ups about using things like this, probably stemming back from my Christian days when I thought these sort of things were of the devil! Despite my reservations, they have been a really helpful tool in prompting thoughts and challenging myself to go deeper to what lies beneath  – my intentions, thoughts and behaviours.

IMG_0001The video below shares a bit about what the cards mean to me:

It’s an 8 minute video (eeek! So long!!) so I’ve also shared below the key messages I felt from these cards:

Perfection – Red card – what currently sustains me and requires growth

I pulled the ‘perfection’ card and it challenged me that I’m all too often too hard on myself and others by expecting perfection. I want to let go of that and this is the area where I will be growing the most at the moment.

Impasse – Orange card – emotional blocks or things that support me emotionally

I had the impasse card, which made me consider the different emotional road I need to take in order to navigate my journey – it could be looking within to get what I need from myself instead of looking to others to fulfil my desires, or even expressing myself differently so my emotional needs are heard.

Prayer – Yellow card – what’s going on intellectually

This card made me realise that my most common and powerful thoughts are my version of prayers. If I’m thinking all the time ‘I’m rubbish, I’ll never succeed’, this power expands within my life. I want instead to have positive mantras/prayers in my life to focus on what I want – loving myself unconditionally, putting myself first, being authentic.

Wisdom – Green card – the heart and what needs to be healed

I pulled wisdom as my card for green. It speaks about living in the now and listening to my heart for wisdom. Could this be any more appropriate?!?!

Quest – Blue card – barriers to communicating fully

This card – the quest – is about a woman who is going on a quest to a land that was dangerous in the past, but when she starts on her journey, she sees the path is no longer treacherous. I imagine that I’ll be not accepted so often if I show my true self – talking about these chakra as a great example, but I realise that it may not be so (or I may no longer need acceptance of these things from other people) and so I need to let go and be fully myself.

Faith – Purple card – revealing your purpose

The card ‘faith’ speaks of a woman who is up against a brick wall and doesn’t know how to proceed. The gods of wisdom speak to her and make her see that it’s not a brick wall, but a beautiful purple stone. As her eyes are opened, she sees she has been holding herself back and is now able to shine. So will I.

Impartiality – Neutral card – subconscious or higher calling

This card is about seeing other points of view – it made me think that I’m always labelling my experiences – good, bad, right, wrong, positive, negative. I want to take off some of those labels so I can experience life without judging myself or others, which links back to the very first card.

I’ve really enjoyed the first of my #66dtmah and I feel that it has helped me to be in the moment and to listen to my internal compass. You can follow my habit forming ways on my Instagram account and I’ll try to write as many of my experiences as possible here too.

If you have any ideas of what other things I can do on my journey of self-discovery, including what has worked for you in the past, please comment and let me know!

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