Who am I?

I’ve not been able to complete a full blog on anything over the past few weeks and it has been pretty frustrating! I’ve started to write about 5 different posts but they have been hollow compared to the flow of writing I experienced with my most recent post about shining bright in the world.

So I’ve gone back to basics and thought about the questions I had when I first started my blog but have not yet answered:

Who am I? Why am I here? How can I be kinder in life? What’s my purpose? How do I reduce my self-criticism and be forgiving of myself? How can I live an authentic life? Can I be me and still be successful in life? What does success mean?

So I thought I’d pick the very first one I wanted to answer – who am I? – and mull it over here a bit.

Thinking about who I am reminded me of a post I started to write but then abandoned pretty quickly about how I sometimes have a moment of experiencing greatness. This isn’t an experience of feeling sassy and great about how wonderful I am, it’s where I feel hyper-aware and connected to everything…almost like I can see in one small, concise moment all that I am, and that ‘all’ is fed by a connection with the whole universe.

Does that make sense at all?! It’s like I have, in one small tiny moment, a glimpse of the truth that we are all connected and have such capacity for greatness.

“You are fire and water and earth and air, undefinable and magnificent in your ambiguity. You are power and you are stillness, softness and strength. You cannot be controlled. And yet, you are gentle and tender. You love and you care, you nurture and protect, but you are also defiant and unruly.”

These are the words I wrote down in one such moment of briefly glimpsed clarity and it pretty much sums up how one of these moments feels.

So I suppose what this tells me about who I am is that I am so much – we are all so much – and this leads me to think that we will never truly define who we are because we are all connected and are constantly evolving, growing, refining who we are in each and every moment.

This means that who I am is gloriously, infuriatingly, wonderfully complex and connected.

And it’s good to be connected to all of you.


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