Be your own best friend

I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends in life. The photo on this blog post is from my hen party, which was one of the most love-filled days I’ve known. It was a day full of all the thing I adore – picnics, prosecco, games, kind words, karaoke and vegan food. I felt surrounded on this day by the care and support of so many great friends.

I want to be this sort of friend to myself. To love and respect myself, to appreciate the good things in myself and tell myself ‘you’ve got this’ when I’m feeling small and weak.

A dear friend of mine is going through a bit of a hard time at the moment but is doing incredibly well all things considered. I was so sad to hear them berating how their efforts were lacklustre, because all I can see is the great strides they are making and how brave they are. I encouraged my friend to speak to themselves as they would speak to me if I were in a spot of trouble.

I truly believe this is what they should do but in truth I don’t do this myself. Just thinking about the upcoming round of the Local Government Challenge, I’ve got a fair few nerves and I can’t help feeling a bit worried that I’m not going to be good enough. It’s mostly because I have a big chance of being the team leader and don’t want to let my team down but if my sister, a close friend, heck, even a colleague at work was doing this challenge, I’d have such confidence that they would bring it!

Even if they didn’t succeed, I’d know they would have done their best and so I’d be so proud of them! I know that the effort you put in is more important than any outcome because your own effort is the only thing you can control – everything else is out of your control.

So why do I not live by the same standard?

I know not everyone has the perfectionist streak that I do…so I know that this is something I can work on (and something I plan to write about soon) but for the moment I’m going to cheer myself on, tell myself I’ve got this and talk to myself like I’m my own best friend.

5 thoughts on “Be your own best friend

  1. 'Ard Pete says:

    First off, let me start off by saying that I, Pierre Von Petersberg, am quite drunk. So if this doesn’t makes sense I can only apologise. I’ll probably forget I even typed something come the morning. But I managed to read and watch this (an accomplishment in itself as the room is spinning like a carousel), I know exactly how you feel; when I was put in charge of bringing in a new account I had zero trust in who I was and had no faith in how I’d do, I’d just give everyone another reason why I was a failure, but as we both know I won; against all odds, I finally did something right. I managed to dig myself out of a grave, my bosses all thought I was too immature, too much of a prick to do something of real worth and I proved them all wrong. I succeeded, for the first time in my life. And if I can do that, you should have no problem in winning the challenge, becoming a team leader and earning the respect of your colleages. You’re a lot more than you think you are; I truly believe that we’re all one big family and when our backs are up against the wall, that’s when we’re the most victorious. 🙂


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