Small steps

I’m coming to the end of a lovely weekend away with my mum in Naples. It has been a really lovely relaxing time, with plenty of room for reflection alongside all the pasta eating/wine sampling/sight seeing!

My mum has sadly had quite a bad back while we’ve been over here and, although she has kept on going, it’s been obvious she has been in a lot of pain. We’ve walked around at quite a slow pace to help with her back and at the end of the second day, my knees and legs had started to ache from taking smaller, shorter steps to accommodate her need for less speed.

As well as this being a reminder that I’m not getting any younger(!) it brings a lesson for me about how I assume that the big steps and huge decisions are the big wins and times where I show compassion for myself. However, when I’ve got small areas in my life that I’m struggling with I so often take the attitude that I just need to pull myself together. 

If this weekend has taught me anything, it’s that the smaller steps can be just as painful and difficult and that in these moments, I should be kinder to myself and, instead, say to myself give yourself a break.

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