This post was written to participate in the Daily Post One Word Prompt, just because I felt like it 🙂

I have felt unstoppable during a few moments of my life. Like a bolder rolling down a hill, gaining momentum and power.

When I visualise these moments, it brings such a deep, rich memory of joy and happiness, that feeling of being invincible. One moment that is particularly clear took place during the shortlisting of the Local Government Challenge late last year.

pexels-photo-50632-medium.jpegI was stood in London, outside the venue, on a cool and crisp autumnal day and I took a moment to breathe and bring to mind all the decisions and twists and turns in life that had culminated into that exact moment of time…

Suddenly I felt as if the air around me was thicker around me and my senses were heightened. I felt such deep peace and resounding trust in who I am and what I can achieve. I’ve only had a few of these experiences but they have stayed with me for being truly magical.

I can’t do justice to them with my mere mortal words. All I know is that they make me feel like I am born for this moment, that I am exactly where I need to be.

They make me feel unstoppable.

I wish they would happen more in my life and as I’m sat here on my couch writing this post, I am left with a surety that I have the ability to bring these feelings into my life whenever I want to feel them.

I thought this experience was magically triggered by a culmination of circumstances, but I know deep in my heart that what makes me feel unstoppable is living fully in the moment. For as I’m sat here quietly typing these words, I feel the same way – unstoppable.

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