Three lots of things I love

I’ve been working on a post about balance and the topic made me think about the lack of balance on my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I love the raw, gritty honesty I’ve shared with you which has brought about extraordinary growth in my life…however, I fear I am reaching a cliff edge, constantly peering down into darkness, and I think this is too much for me and fear it may be too much for you too!

Because a life of constant darkness is too much, no matter how much growth it brings and so today I am bringing you a lighter post focusing on the things I love in my life. I hope this brings you some new things to look into or just gives you a greater insight into me.

I’d love to hear from you too – comment below to let me know what you love too 😀

Three things that support my happiness

  • I love walking to destinations listening to something on my phone. It’s a beautiful mix of feeling purpose (getting somewhere), being tuned into something and being in a different environment
  • Being in the kitchen: It’s where I experience ‘flow’ – I lose track of time and get completely immersed in the experience. Everything else – worries, projections, my ego – melts away when I have kitchen time.
  • Heart connections: I recently created a personal manifesto (more about this to come) and one of the phrases on there is ‘heart connections are like oxygen to your soul: seek them out’. Being with a friend and having a deep, honest conversation is where I feel truly alive and makes my life so rich, happy and fulfilling.

Three cookbooks I’d recommend

  • Thug Kitchen – it’s the rudest cookbook I’ve ever seen, with swear words bursting from each page, and I love it! It delivers some delicious American-style vegan dishes. Every one I’ve tried has been a winner so far! I also love that they don’t use ingredients that are too expensive or hard to find and it’s fun.
  • Salad Samurai – this book is amazing! I didn’t ever imagine a book about salad would be so imaginative but it is. It has converted me to thinking fruit in salads works (I never did before), it doesn’t have too many random ingredients and the salad dressings are TO DIE FOR!!
  • 100 best vegan baking recipes – this has been my stock baking book for years now and I turn back to it whenever I need to bake a cake. It’s not super healthy or anything, but they are delicious and just work!

Three books I’m currently reading

  • Workforce of One – it’s all about how organisations should customise employee experience to get deliver higher business performance. Yes, I’m an HR geek and I love it!
  • Wanderlust – this is a yoga book but, not particularly enjoying time on the matt, is a fascinating look into the other areas of yoga philosophy. It’s full of interesting exercises, has inspired me to try some different yogic practices and introduced me to some lovely little rituals.
  • The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry – ok, so this is less what I’m reading and more a book I recently finished that I absolutely loved. A simple story that captured my heart and a touching ending that made me cry.

There you are…three lots of things I love! I’ve enjoyed doing this so much that I’ll try to do this type of blog a bit more!

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