The Wisdom of Magic Lessons

I was listening to Liz Gilbert’s Magic Lessons on my way home from work on Monday and the words of Brandon Stanton (the guy interviewed in it who created Humans of New York) really resonated with me. 

His truth that hit me so profoundly is (paraphrased in my ineloquent writing):

You’ll most always be scared before you try something new. If you wait for the fear to go away, you’ll live an empty life – you’ll end up doing nothing. So do the thing that scares you now, do it despite your fears.

Another of his wonderful thoughts that blew me away is how time is the most valuable resource we’ll ever have. It constantly ticks away.

In the past I’ve said “I’ll do X when I’ve got financial security” or “once I’m thinner, I’ll be more confident” but all I have ended up doing is frittering my precious time away. Time I will never get back.

Sorry, this is quite a deep and heavy post, dear friend, after the lightness of my last one but Brandon’s words have sort of throws me out of kilter and put me in a place where I ask myself in all honesty

What in the world am I doing with my life?

Playing it safe, telling myself that I need more security/safety/time when my life is galloping at a pace regardless of whether I’m ready for it

But this post is not what you may think – a desperate clutching at the sides of my life that is crumpling inward but more an awakening of what I can achieve when awake; when living my life to its full potential.

It doesn’t fill me with dread to question what I am doing with my life, it awakens me to the knowledge that I need to jump in regardless of being scared and use my life to its full potential.

Because I am enough, you are enough. We should act despite our fear, we should use our time wisely…and we should all listen to Liz Gilbert’s wonderful Magic Lessons.

One thought on “The Wisdom of Magic Lessons

  1. Juni Desireé says:

    Such a good point about fear. I had to learn that lesson last year when I was paralysed by fear. Feel the fear and do it anyway – so good. Now I know I don’t ever have to wait for the fear to go away. And the time one is so good too. Just do something now with what you’ve got – that’s another lesson I learnt last year. Love how Liz gets it and love her book Big Magic. How exciting for you – cheering you on as you jump in!


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