Beautiful the way I am

A few weeks ago, I was tagged on facebook by the lovely Lucie Keen in a ‘beautiful the way I am’ challenge – her photo explains what this is about so much better than I could:

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 08.52.05.png

Even though this was a few weeks ago and I hadn’t uploaded photos of myself, Lucie’s challenge has stuck with me as something I should do. In the past I have been so quick to point out and analyse and criticise the things I don’t like about myself but I rarely focus with the same energy and attention on the things I like about myself – the times I look pretty, the moments where I feel at my best.

That’s not how I want to live my life but I’ve been held back by the fear that I’ll miss the mark of self-confidence and end up being thought arrogant and full-of-myself. The truth is that I’d rather have others think I’m cocky and full of myself than be meek and down on myself…and as I naturally lean towards being meek (at least when it comes to self image), I have an inkling that I’ll probably land somewhere in between the two extremes.

Not having vlogged for a while, I recorded some thoughts about this challenge…

I feel really good about these photos 48299361-3ACA-4AF7-B69A-33C66B162991and am so pleased I am sharing them with you today – they show the things I love about myself – my high cheek bones, little cheeky smile, my personality, my curves, the fashion I love, my hair behaving itself (for once!)…and I wonder what life could be if I lived with tunnel vision focused on what I like about myself.

I know I would have more confidence, I would have more energy to put into my life, I would put myself forward for things more. I would have more joy, more love, more peace.

I know I’m on a journey towards self-love and am not quite there yet, but I’m grateful that I’m able to pick out so many things that I LOVE about myself and, compared to an earlier blog I wrote about loving myself, this shows immense and staggering progress in my life. I’m so thankful for the leaps and bounds I have made.

So I challenge you, dear friend, to do the same – celebrate the things you love about yourself, share it proudly with the world and try to focus that little bit more on the good you see in yourself. For me, it has been life changing!

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