Make your heart happy

I went up to London with my husband recently to surprise some relatives who were spending a few days there. This photo was taken when we were gleefully waiting for them to arrive.

The look on their faces was priceless as they saw us, asked “what are you doing here?!” and we told them we had come to London especially to see them and spend time with them.

We had dinner, caught up, talked with their gorgeous daughters and as we walked away from the evening, I said to my husband:

“This evening has made my heart so happy”

I don’t know if you have felt like this before, it was a warmth, a feeling of fullness, a glow that emanated from my heart and surrounded me like a forcefield.

If there’s anything I know in life, it’s that I want more of this wonderful feeling!

So I want to explore with you, dear friend, what makes my heart happy so I can put more of it into my life. I’ve thought about this a bit and the word that keeps on coming back to me is care.

Yes, I get this feeling when I show my care for others – when I gave my mum some theatre vouchers to thank her for her support in the lead-up to my wedding, sent a beautiful Violet Gray chakra charm to one of my besties when she returned from a period of travelling, when I sewed material hoops for my friends which depicted words or phrases I associated with them (like the ones I made for our wedding below).hoops.jpg

But I also feel this fullness when I am shown care by others – when someone puts their trust in me and shares something personal, when someone says a kind word about this blog, when I’ve spent an evening in the glorious presence of someone I love.

So actually, when I think about it, the feeling is about care but more importantly is about connection.

My heart connecting with another’s heart. 

It’s such a lovely feeling, I wish I could bottle it up!

I said at the start of this blog I wanted to explore what this means for me in order to experience this feeling more often in my life. So here it goes…

Firstly, I’ve seen how important close relationships are to me as it’s those heart-to-heart connections that make my soul sing. I know this isn’t how everyone feels; my husband, for example, is at his best in the buzz of a big group.

In order to have more of these feel-good moments, I need perhaps turn down some big group invitations in order to make space for more one-on-one connections. Or perhaps I should give myself permission to just talk to one or two people in those big groups, not putting pressure on myself to be a social butterfly, fluttering around and making sure everyone is ok as I so often have in the past.

Secondly, I think I need to get more comfortable with vulnerability in other places than with close friends and on this blog – giving others a chance to see my heart in instead of leading with the ‘everything’s ok’ mask I all too often hide behind… Brene Brown has some wonderful words to say about getting vulnerable that I’d love to share with you:

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 13.01.41.png

I love this idea of increasing trust little-by-little like a marble collection.

Finally, I don’t think it’s just about connecting with other people. It’s as important for me to foster the good, glowing feelings – to bask in them and focus on connecting with my own heart (if that makes sense!).

I’ve been interested in positive psychology and there are some really great exercises I’ve found that could help me in increasing that connection with myself and holding onto that glow for a longer period of time.

So I’m going to try these exercises out over the coming weeks, starting now. With a moment of gratitude for this blog and the feeling it has had on my heart to connect with you, dear one. It makes me truly happy to open up to you about what makes my heart shine bright.

So thank you for connecting with me and letting me share my heart with you. The feeling of warmth, acceptance and love it brings me is more than you could ever know.


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