More things I love

I wrote a post a few months ago about things I love.

It was such a lovely and joyful experience to focus on what makes me glow in life and so I thought I would have another go at focusing on the things I love in life. I hope they open you up to new things, or just make you smile.

Three quotes close to my heart

“You only get what you give away, so give love” Sara Bareilles

“Authenticity is the practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are” Brene Brown

“You are the only explorer, your heart the unreadable compass, your soul the shore of a promise too great to be ignored” Mark Nepo

Three things I love about myself

My tenacity – how ever much things hurt or how bleak the outlook appears, I hang in there and keep on moving.

My sensitivity – although this sometimes leads to me crying too much, or hurting a lot, I’m glad to be such a sensitive soul, able to feel so much in life.

My imagination – I feel that I have the imagination of a child and I love the places my dreaming and imagination can take me!

Three things I’m pondering on right now

– I’d love to be a life coach and am contemplating whether I need a qualification or should just dive, trusting my heart and life experience.

– I’m playing with saying no to things I’m not aligned with right now…I’m wondering how far I should push this and pondering whether I’ll end up lonely if I say no to things.

– I know I could be saving more – I fritter quite a lot away, so I’m thinking a bit about how I might be more active and intentional with my savings.

Three practices that support my well-being

Meditation – so often in life I feel like a coiled spring, ready to come undone. The one thing that calms me and bring a deep sense of peace is meditation. It’s when meditating that I am able to breathe deeply and stop the jittering of my mind. I frequently use Claire Obeid’s meditations but also like the work of Gabby Berstein. YouTube has lots of meditations that I’ve used in the past too that are free!

Oracle cards – I’ve written a few posts in the past about the oracle cards I use. I find them really helpful in stepping back and shedding light on a situation. As I’ve said before, I’m not sure if they are magical (I like to think they are) or just prompts to think differently, but when I hover my hand over the pack, I feel a magnetic guidance and so often pick a card that speaks intimately to my situation. If you’re interested in looking into them, I use the Chakra Oracle Cards and Rumi Oracle CardsIMG_0001

Manifesting my future – If you haven’t noticed, I love to write! I use this skill in my well-being practice by writing out the future that I want. I love writing about my work, my home life, my life goals as if I am in the future as it makes me see how possible it is for me to achieve my goals and in some way energetically guides me towards the future that I yearn for.

Three things I’m regularly grateful for

My friends – I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people in my life.

My privilege – I mean, geez, I have access to clean water, a house, belongings, some savings. I know this isn’t the norm across the planet and I am so grateful for the relative abundance I have in my life.

This blog – it’s through this space online and your kindness and support, dear friend, that fills my life with such richness and allows me to look into the depth of my heart. I’m constantly grateful for this blog.

I’ve loved writing about these things – I truly hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them  ❤


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