My Christmas gift to you!

I know from personal experience that Christmas can be a manic time. A wonderful time of seeing friends and family, but an exhausting one too.

With family in Derbyshire and Bristol, both a 3+ hour drive away from my hometown of Brighton, I’ve sometimes returned to work in January more exhausted than I was before the holiday season.

I know most of this is because the introvert part of me needs regular time for quiet and reflection. But instead of listening to my heart’s call for a moment of alone time to refill my batteries, I push onwards over Christmas, depleting my personal resources and instead lean on other things to ‘fill me up’ like overeating or drinking.

I can’t help thinking that the key to thriving over Christmas for those of us who are a bit introverted is to make sure our self-care is a priority…and so my present to you is my first e-book where I share five easy ways you can increase your self-care:

Courage Truth Love: a guide to self-care

Merry Christmas to you all!


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