I want to share this post with you because, although it’s such a simple one, it’s one we could all do with hearing again and again:

Love yourself

This message first started calling to me when I started doing loving kindness meditations. These meditations focus on sending wishes of love and kindness to people I love, including myself.

The words from this meditation are so special to me, dear friend, and I’ve started to silently repeat them to myself when I’m feeling a little bit scared or anxious:

May I be happy,

May I be free,

May I ride the waves of life,

May I live in peace

This message of self-love has also been reinforced through encouragements friends have sent my way over the past months. One occasion that sticks in my mind came from my friend Heather. I recently messaged her about some cakes I had been baking and said I was worried about fitting into my bikini for an upcoming holiday. Her response made my heart so happy – I often think of it when I get anxious about my weight:

Don’t worry too much about the bikini – the most beautiful thing in a bikini will be a happy, healthy you, regardless of cake.

Her words grounded me and put things into perspective; I know that my happiness is so much more important than the size of my tummy and I will only be happy through loving and accepting myself.

I again felt a call to increase my self-love when I was reading a book and one character said to another:

“You need to love and accept who you are or you won’t ever be happy.”

This message of love has been everywhere!!!

So what will I do to increase my love, particularly during this Christmas time and the start of 2017?

Well, I’ll follow some of my own advice, increasing my self love over Christmas

I’ll choose, if only for this moment, to view myself as I would a friend – with compassion and love

I’ll take a minute to be thankful for all that I am and send some love my way


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