A man of courage, truth and love

I found out yesterday that someone in my family died of cancer and I’m so deeply sad about the loss. He shone so brightly and will be missed by many.

Today, I want to pay homage to him for, despite the relatively short amount of time I spent with him, he made a deep impact on my life and the things he taught me will stay with me for the rest of my life.

He was his own man

Adam was the first person I knew who was out and proud as a gay man. I don’t know his journey to owning who he was through and through but I loved seeing photos of him dressed in killer heels and generally looking fabulous at Gay Pride.

Having him as an example of someone who accepted himself has encouraged me on my journey of stepping into exactly who I am without shame. I still haven’t got there but I aspire to be closer to owning who I am like he did.

He didn’t follow the crowd

I often feel itchiness in my feet to travel, to explore, to stretch my wings on this earth and I think my family and other people have been exasperated at times by my inability to settle.

I love that Adam was also such an explorer, someone who I feel didn’t follow the crowd. I regret not going to visit him in Japan, a place for which we shared a love.

Thinking of him today, I’m encouraged to keep on listening to the beat of my heart that longs to live in Australia, to travel the world and go on a personal journey that will see me venture into the unknown shores of my soul.

He was loved

I loved and admired Adam and am grateful of having had the chance to meet him during my lifetime. I take courage and solace in knowing that I had the chance to know someone who shone so brightly in this world.

I will remember him as a man of true courage, truth and love.


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