Offer it up

This is the first post I’ve written since starting my new job and it’s so nice to be writing to you, dear one, instead of reading policies and taking in a wealth of information that doesn’t quite make sense at the moment. Writing to you here feels like coming home – it’s a beautiful constant in my life and I’m so thankful for it.

Starting my new role in a different company is a step change like I’ve never known before. It’s scary, exhilarating and beyond a doubt the right move for me to have made.

It’s not just in my role that I’ve experienced a change though…every morning this week I’ve set my alarm 30 minutes earlier to meditate, journal and get myself in the right headspace to cope with the manic day ahead.

Yes, it’s painful initially to wake up 30 minutes before I have to and I’ve wanted to turn off my alarm and dive back into bed, but I’ve gained so much from this time and it’s a practice I’m keen to continue.

I’ve had space to ask myself what I’ll need for the day ahead – peace, confidence, compassion, stillness – so there’s less rushing ahead with the day and more awareness of what I need to feel my best.

I’ve spent 10 minutes writing in my journal about how proud I am of myself and all I’ve done over the previous day which has shifted my mindset to being one of love and compassion instead of worry and criticism.

I’ve also used my oracle cards a few times as a prompt to consider different perspectives and all the cards I’ve pulled over this past week have had a similar message on them.

This is what I want to share with you today, dear friend.

All the cards were about speaking up, putting what I had to offer out into the world. The wording on one of the cards explains what I’m trying to say so much better than I ever could. So here it is:

“Perhaps you look at the world and already hear so many voices speaking. You may wonder if your contribution would simply add noise. You may wonder if you can really help, if you have anything genuine to add, or if there is just too much noise anyway! Do not despair. It is part of your divine destiny to add something of great value to the world, something that has its place even amongst all that activity, something needed in the hearts of all.”

This spoke to me so powerfully because I’m wanting to dive deeper into the work I’m doing here on Courage, Truth, Love. 

I want to write more frequently.

I hope to start a podcast to learn how to speak my truth with as much confidence as I do in written form.

I want to grow and extend the help I offer in this world through training to become a coach…but I’ve been questioning whether there’s enough space in this world for me. 

I’ve seen how many websites, podcasts and coaches there are out there and I’ve been doubting whether my voice is needed, important, valuable.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that doing all these things is valuable for me – I can’t imagine where I’d be if I didn’t have this safe space to share all that I’m learning with you…but I was doubting if what I had to offer was of any use to anyone else.

And this card confirmed that there is a space for me – my voice, my reflections, my offerings – in this world. When I step back and read the words of this card again, I see the truth there is space for all of us to offer up what we can.

So if you’re wondering whether there is space for you in this world, take these words as confirmation that there is space in abundance, that there is a pressing need for you to step forward and offer up what you can to this world.

It may be that your ‘divine destiny’ is to offer up acts of kindness, speak words of comfort to others, bring laughter and joy to this world or share a different perspective that makes others think.

So bring forth what you have to offer and know that there is enough space for you and there’s enough space for me.


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