I haven’t got it in me

Writing a post today has felt like going shopping unsuccessfully…you know, when you’ve tried on a million different things but nothing seems to fit properly or look nice on. I’ve spent well over an hour starting 4 different posts and written a bit of each. But none of them have sat well with me.

And not being able to finish a post has nothing to do with the fear of being vulnerable or not wanting to put myself out there…I just haven’t got it in me today.

To not be able to push through and deliver feels itchy and uncomfortable. Usually I would just push through regardless.

But here’s the thing…I’m starting to see that pushing through for the sake of what I think other people will expect or to keep in line with arbitrary rules I create for myself is not something I want to do anymore.

Yes, I need this blog to dive more into my courage, truth and love, but today more than that, I need to rest, I need to snuggle up on the sofa and I need to listen to myself.

I haven’t got it in me, and that’s ok.


2 thoughts on “I haven’t got it in me

  1. Emily says:

    Wait! What was that I just read? A post? It seems you did have it in you to write and publish something, it’s just not what you originally hoped or wanted or expected. That’s ok. In fact I hear it’s a common experience of writers. I.e. totally normal. I hope you kept the drafts/ ideas of the other posts for another time.

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