My best

These past weeks have been a bit manic! Two hen parties, a busy schedule at work, close friends staying at my place during the week and my brother and his two children visiting this weekend. This afternoon, I’m jetting off to Derbyshire for a wedding and we’ve got my mother and father-in-law coming to visit next weekend, so the pace doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon!

When my good friend, Sarah, was leaving my house yesterday, I said to her “I’m sorry I haven’t been my best these few days” because I have felt like I’m spread so thin I didn’t have my usual amount of Amy to offer her – the most sparkly, bubbling, energetic and enthusiastic person I am at my best.

But she said to me “you have been your best – you’ve shared what you had to offer in the moment”.

And it has made me pause and reflect. It’s opened me up to the possibility that it’s ok to not sparkle and shine to my fullest all the time. But more than that, in those moments, I’m at my best, offering what I can in the moment.

So there’s no need to feel bad or ashamed at what I have to offer. Because it’s my best. And that’s enough.


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