I don’t need fixing

I was speaking to my lovely friend Anita a few weeks ago and she mentioned that she had been looking at the beauty products – creams, lotions and products that cover-up – when she had a thought come to her:

“Why I am using these things? I don’t need fixing.”

And as I heard her words, I felt my eyes fill up with tears. I felt a resonance with her desire to accept herself exactly as she was without need to cover up, hide, accept the lies told by a beauty industry that profits on women thinking that we’re not enough as we are.

Anita’s words have been in the forefront to my mind this week because I’ve become aware of the stealthy addition of more and more grey in my hair. In past years, I’d find an odd grey hair, pluck it out and not think any more of it. But now I’m finding myself facing an ever growing number of these hairs and I’m confronted with the signs of growing old.

And it makes me think that something needs fixing.

Because I’m afraid of not being seen anymore, not being desired anymore, not being of interest to anyone anymore.

But what if I shifted my mindset and told myself in the face of these grey hairs that I don’t need fixing? That instead it’s our culture that needs fixing.

That we need to view people not by the colour of their hair or the firmness of their skin but by the strength of their hearts and minds?

So I’m going to resist colouring over my grey for a few weeks to see how that feels and keep on repeating to myself those wise words from my dear friend – I don’t need fixing.


One thought on “I don’t need fixing

  1. Lipstick and Grace says:

    LOVE. THIS. It’s so true, we really don’t need any of that stuff. I feel the same way. I can’t break from stuff like makeup, hair dye, etc. so I commend you. Update us on how it feels 🙂 you are inspiring some of us…..

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