One moment

I’m so excited to be starting my diploma in transformational coaching with Animas Coaching today! I’d started to write a post this morning reflecting on why I’ve been drawn to this course and what I hope it will bring to my life but, in a moment of reflection, I wrote down all the things that had brought me to the point of starting my studies. And this feels like exactly the right thing to share with you today, dear friend.

So I scrapped what I’d written and hope it’s ok for me to share with you what I identified as key to starting my studies:

  • the coaching I did in 2015-2017 which helped me to identify the life I want to live and how I wanted to be equipped to give back through coaching other people
  • the kindness I’ve cultivated and shown to others over the years which has built my desire to coach
  • the joy deep inside me that blooms when I listen to people, make them feel important and learn about their lives
  • the bravery I had in asking work to sponsor me to do this course

Out of all these actions, I thought ‘what am I the proudest of?’ and I knew instinctively that it was the bravery in asking my manager, 6 weeks into my new job, to pay for the course.

But then again, boiling it down to one moment of bravery didn’t feel right.

It felt like something the ‘old’ Amy would do – basing my success on a decision made by someone else.

Sure, it took guts to ask for what I wanted in that moment, but really I was only able to stand up for what I wanted because of of all the hard graft I’ve done over the past years. The tears and pain I’ve shed, the discoveries I’ve made, the grit I’ve shown in owning up to hard truths, the courage, truth and love I’ve cultivated for myself.

So it wasn’t really one moment, but actually a million different moments that led to me having the courage to ask for what I wanted – to start this course.

These moments weren’t glamorous or victorious, and during these years of growth I frequently fell back into old patterns of comfort eating, retreating away from the world.

But they prepared me, bit-by-bit, for that all-so-important moment where I felt worthy to ask my manager for the financial support to do this course. And where I knew that I had the resilience that, if she had said ‘no’, I’d have been ok.

So I’m going to keep on appreciating the little moments in life that actually are so much more important than what they seem in the moment.

And I want to encourage you that although life might feel tough, and you may feel like you’re getting nowhere, chances are that you’ll look back one day and know that it was in the moments of hardship that you built the foundations for something much bigger in your life.


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