Coming home

I’ve been feeling a little bit anxious over the past 24 hours. I can tell this because of how my brain has been tugging me to dwell on that which doesn’t serve me. The size of my stomach, a small remark I made in a conversation that didn’t quite come out as I wished it to, an event from the past.

Anything to distract me from my present moment.

But I can start to see past these distractions. I recognise these thoughts as what they are – signs that I need to draw back into my personal strength, to listen to what has triggered these anxieties and show myself compassion.

Am I tired and slightly too far extended from work/personal commitments?

Am I feeling slightly vulnerable because of new things in my life, like starting my coaching business?

Am I feeling apprehensive about something coming up?

And when I see past the chatter in my head to reach for what my heart is truly calling out for, it feels like I’m coming home.

Coming back into my heart. Coming back into my truth. Coming back to myself.

And for that, I feel truly grateful.


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