Our planet

I feel sick. I was greeted this morning at work with an e-mail from my organisation’s sustainability consultant. She shared a link to an article that stated “the first half of 2017 was the second-warmest January-June on record for Earth, topped only by 2016, which was boosted by one of the biggest El Niños on record.”

You see, it shouldn’t be this hot on planet earth and it’s a worrying sign that we’re reaching tipping point with climate change. And what could this mean? Water and food shortages, frequent droughts, more frequent and intense hurricanes, rising sea levels, an ice free arctic. Can I just repeat that? An ICE FREE ARCTIC. What the hell?!

So it’s not great news that the weather is hotter at the moment. It’s concerning. And for those who aren’t sure that there is really global warming or anything to be worried about, I say it’s not a risk I’d like to take. To continue on and see what comes our way on the off-chance that it’s all going to be ok.

But at the same time, I need to do something so that I’m not paralysed with fear about what is going to happen with our beautiful planet earth.

I remind myself that I give to Earth Justice, a legal charity that fights on behalf of the environment. I’m vegan which is a choice made to reduce my impact on the planet. We recycle as much as possible at home to reduce the waste we put into landfill.

The only thing I can really do is reduce my general consumption of goods. I’m generally quite good at not buying loads of stuff from new as I enjoy being thrifty but I know that I can be even more intentional about doing this for the planet. To reduce the amount of stuff that is produced through altering my shopping habits. I can also renew my membership with the green party to ensure they keep on fighting for the earth. And I can write to the Prime Minister of the UK to make my voice heard about climate change.

And suddenly I’m taken from paralysing fear to conscious action. And whilst my actions may not tip the climate back into a safe zone, if we all took little, brave, strong choices and actions, we might just do enough to make a difference.


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