What truly matters

I’ve had to make a few life choices and scale back my life over the past couple of months for one reason and another.

Prior to this, I was always super busy, with fun evening plans and stuff scheduled in every weekend. Part of me loved this way of living – all I could do, everyone I could see, the buzz of being so busy – but part of me hated it too. I’d always get to the point where I’d feel like I was on an incessant merry-go-round, unable to stop my life and have some rest, find some peace. Or I’d feel like butter spread too thin on toast, with nothing left for myself.

I’ve realised in life that I can’t have it all – an awesome social life, a brilliant job, loads of friends, constant travel, a family, loads of studies, becoming a life coach, keeping my sanity, being happy…it’s just not possible. And I’m ok with that.

Don’t get me wrong, I know can have some of these things and, writing down the list of all I used to try to have, I know I don’t want all of these things in my life. But I’d like quite a lot of it in my life….and so the question I’m having to ask myself is:

“Amy, what truly matters to you?”

I know that if I don’t prioritise those things that are truly important to me, I’ll just end up just going with whatever clammers the loudest for my time and attention.

So that’s the question I asked myself today, on my rainy walk home from work, and I knew straight away what these things are…

  • Finding ways daily to feel how I want to feel (which is currently feeling rested and inspired)
  • My family
  • Friends who I have deep soul connections with and who light me up
  • Building a career for myself as a life coach
  • Finding fulfilment in my full-time job
  • This beautiful blog of mine

Easy peasy.

If I listen to myself and ignore what I should do or should want, I know straight away what is important, what truly matters. And suddenly the rest of the stuff that is shouting for attention is just background noise.

And I can suddenly prioritise that which truly matters.

I hope this helps you with any decisions you need to make over the next few days, weeks or months, dear friend. If something is important to you, go for it. If not, ditch it. It’s scary to do at first, but then so liberating! Let me know how you get on.


3 thoughts on “What truly matters

  1. Sabrina Marie says:

    This definitely helps me. I think allowing time to “feel” is so important because that’s how we figure out what’s important to us. Thanks for sharing 💗 I’m on the same journey, friend.


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