Happy Saturday dear friend! Another weekend has started for me by waking up, fully alert at 6:30! If only that was how I woke up during the week!

I spent an hour relaxing in bed and thought about a book I’m currently reading called Do Less, Get More  by Shaa Wasmund. A lot of what Shaa includes in her book is common sense and based on the loving principle of living life on your own terms instead of being held back by ‘shoulds’ or how other people think you should live your life. So it’s great reading, but not full of ‘aha!’ life changing moments for me.

Something she did share which has stayed with me is the notion that abundance comes from a spirit of gratitude. Let me say that again – abundance comes from a spirit of gratitude.

I suppose this has hit me so hard because I’ve committed to avoid buying as much as I can from new and instead get things second hand. This is in the hope that I can have some positive impact on the environment. And with this commitment, I’ve experienced a number of different emotions:

  • Relief that I’m doing something which will hopefully have an impact
  • Smugness at being so righteously self-sacrificing
  • Annoyed when I can’t automatically buy something I want
  • Pleased to see that curbing my spending habit is increasing my savings

But I haven’t felt any abundance…as I feel like I’m depriving myself.

So I want to take a few moments to think about all the abundance I have in my life to combat this deprivation mindset:

I’ve got such an abundance of love from friends and family. I’m supported, seen for who I am, accepted exactly as I am and have such beautiful, real connections in my life. IMG_2019

I’m in the incredibly wonderful position to have a mortgage and have bought a flat with my husband which we love. It’s perfectly proportioned to what we need…and then some as it’s big enough to have a lodger who helps pay towards fun things, like holidays in Hawaii! 

I’m going on holiday to Hawaii! How much more abundant can you get than that?! Two weeks away on a tropical paradise island, exploring volcanoes, eating great food and spending time with my loving husband. 

I’ve got enough stuff to last me longer than I could ever imagine – lots of clothes, books a plenty and my gorgeous, indulgent macbook which helps me to write these blogs and work on courage truth love with such ease. IMG_3430

I’ve got a great job that I love to death. It’s challenging, stretching, exciting and full of people who inspire and support me in my work. 

By buying less from new, I get the excitement of the hunt. Time in charity shops searching for the perfect top, hours in the library choosing from a never ending supply of stories, giving to other people as I buy things second hand.

I’ve worked hard to get to where I am, but can see without a doubt that buying stuff isn’t where you get abundance. It is indeed, as Shaa says, from realising that being grateful for all you have is where you realise that you’ve got all the abundance that you’ll ever need.


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