The power of being heard

You may know that I’ve started life coaching people both in and outside of work. As part of my qualification, I also need to be coached for a certain amount of hours and I’ve started working with two coaches to talk about different areas in my life, both personal and professional.

I had an amazing session yesterday with my coach, Helen, where I was asking the question ‘how do I market my coaching business and attract the right people to me?

I was grappling with what I should do – get myself out there, pay for advertising, be a bit pushy in getting people to notice who I am, what I do and get them signed up to work with me. But at the same time, I felt uncomfortable about this (especially being pushy) as it’s just not me.

It’s not how I want to be. I don’t want to sell or market myself – I want to just put myself out there and welcome the right people to work with me. Those who want some space to explore their next move in life. Those who are struggling to find self-acceptance and could do with a helping hand to believe in their self-worth. Those who are on the verge of something new and need some support as they leap into the unknown.

But I’d got myself into such a tangle of what I should do, how I should market myself, what ‘putting myself out there’ looks like. I’d lost sight of the drive that led me to complete my studies and start this work in the first place.

The desire to help people.

Just spending an hour with Helen talking about my thoughts and the tension between my values and the ‘shoulds‘ allowed me to find myself again.

To center myself, my desires, my aspiration for coaching.

The hour of being listened to helped me to rediscover my dream for coaching, which isn’t to have a full time coaching business (although that might come in the future). My dream is to help people and to be a source of support and love and kindness to those who could use a helping hand.

And suddenly I was able to see that I didn’t need a flawless marketing plan, a strong sales programme or to even do any of my ‘shoulds‘ but to instead reach out in a way that is authentic to me and to welcome the right people to work with me.

I got so much from that short 60 minutes and, as well as gaining such insight into my coaching, I also rediscovered the power of being listened to. How having someone focus on me and my needs is such a beautiful thing.

And with the support from Helen and my new found clarity, I can’t wait to see where this journey will take me.

If you’d like some coaching to get some support you in your life, please look at my introductory coaching offer or fill in the form below to arrange a 30 minute chat with me. 


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