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It’s that simple

I woke up this morning dog-tired and feeling overwhelmed by the work in front of me for the day. To be honest, I had woken with a bit of a victim mindset – so much work to do, so little time to do it, so much expectation upon myself – and I felt like I wasn’t my usual rested self who would be able to bounce back and attack the day with zeal.

So I was a bit of a grumpasaurus with my husband who had a accidentally set his alarm for 6am and had ‘snoozed’ it twice in a sleepy haze. And I felt like crying.

I could see no way through these feelings or the day ahead until I sat down with my Danielle LaPorte journal and saw the question:

“How do you want to feel?”

And straight away I knew how I wanted to feel – rested.

So I asked myself what I could do to bring this feeling to my life, big things or small. And again, I knew straight away:

  • Have a lunch break (something I’ve been neglecting of late) and perhaps take a sneaky nap
  • Accept if I need to go to bed early tonight, despite having lovely friends staying with us in Brighton tonight
  • Ask for help – request a lift to the train station from my husband and perhaps see if someone can support me with part of my work today
  • Stop battling my feelings, pushing them down, and surrender to the truth that I’m just a bit tired and run down

It was really that simple. I knew how I wanted to feel and what I needed to do. I just needed to ask myself the question.


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