It’s that simple – part 2

Happy Saturday, dear friend! I was asking myself what I wanted to write to you about this morning and I suddenly thought that I often write about thoughts I’m having and changes I want to make, but I rarely report back on how my thoughts have led to shifts in my life.

So today I want to follow on from the post I wrote yesterday – it’s that simple – and tell you about what happened.

As a brief recap, I was feeling overwhelmed yesterday by how tired I was and didn’t feel that I was going to cope well with the day ahead. That was until I asked myself how I wanted to feel (rested) and identified what I needed to do in the day to feel that way.

So how did my day turn out? Pretty damn good!

I asked my husband to give me a lift to the station so I didn’t have a 30 minute walk and could get into work earlier (meaning my working day would be less rushed). He saw I was struggling and when we arrived at the station, he got out and gave me a huge bear hug. It immediately made me feel so much better.

When I got into work, I told my colleagues that I wanted to go for a lunchtime nap and asked them to keep me accountable for taking the break. Another colleague wanted someone to tell her to go home on time at 4:30, so it was nice to have someone to be accountable with. And the nap, it was sooooooo lovely! I didn’t sleep, but enjoyed the 30 minutes of calm, of quiet, of deep breathing. I felt less rushed and had greater focus for the afternoon ahead.

I had been worried about being the party pooper as we have friends staying this weekend and I knew I needed an early night to feel properly rested for the weekend and week ahead. Despite my fears, I knew I needed to put myself first and so I tentatively floated the idea that I needed to have an early night. And by stating what I needed, another person was also able to say that they might be up for an early night too. I feel that being true to myself and stating my needs allowed someone else to be themselves and state what they also needed.

From waking up grumpy, overwhelmed and upset, the day turned out pretty well!

And what did I learn?

  • Asking for help – whether it’s a lift somewhere or something bigger – is not a weakness, it’s part of life.
  • It’s easier to follow through with what you need if you’re accountable to someone else
  • Being authentic and true to myself can give space for others to be authentic and true to themselves too

I want to be more attuned to myself – life is so much easier this way! So let’s try to listen to what we need this weekend, follow the desires of our heart and marvel at how life is easier when we ask ourselves what we need.


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