Weakness or courage

I shared with you recently how vulnerable and bruised I felt at my coach training weekend where I broke down in tears in front of my peers.

I’ve been mulling this experience over for a few days now and reflecting on what one kind person in my class reached out and shared with me:

When we share the deep, hard things going on for us with other people, we feel we’re being weak. Especially if we show emotion, like I did when I couldn’t hold it together in front of my class.

We assume that other people will find us weak and wanting and will judge us for not having the strength to cope, to be ok, to manage by ourselves.

However, when we see someone sharing something hard, grappling with difficulty, admitting their flaws and doing their best in the place that they are, we see them as being courageous.

Having the courage to show up, to not pretend that ‘they’re ok‘, the courage to name what they’re struggling with.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 10.46.32.png

And when I heard these words, I felt fully seen, fully supported, fully accepted by that individual and by my class. I was able to let go of the shame – the feelings that I was somehow flawed for feeling as I did, for struggling as I was.

It was a beautiful feeling.

One that I want more of in life.

So let us fully connect and be real with each other. Share our highs and our lows, our struggles and our triumphs. And know that by being fully ourselves and owning our truth, we are not being weak, we are showing true courage.


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