I’m in Hawaii!!! Real, hot, tropical freaking Hawaii! I booked this trip about 6 months ago using flight credit from a trip that had gone wrong and can’t believe that we’re finally here!!!!

It’s a gorgeous place and I’m really enjoying the time away from normal routine and space to relax, think and just be.

The one thing I’ve noticed though is how much over-consumption and waste there is here.

There’s just so many shops! So many places selling so much stuff. So many people spending their time in paradise in shops buying things they probably want but don’t really need.

I think I’m feeling particularly sensitive to it because of some of the programmes I’ve been watching about the impact of consumerism on us and the effect I know our greed for stuff is having on the planet.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel the appeal for the goods – before I went away I wanted to buy pretty dresses, get more shorts, have more. And I have seen some pretty things I’d like to have here as momentos of our time away – trinkets, a soft hula doll for Peanut when he arrives, matching Hawaiian family outfits (I know, I’m still asking myself what the appeal is about!). So I do feel the pull and will probably get some things where I’m here.

But I resisted spending money on things I don’t need (especially being pregnant at the moment) and have saved about £400 in 2 months with the simple practice of committing to not buying stuff brand-new if I can get it pre-loved (aka second hand) and by asking myself the question ‘do I really need this?’ before making a purchase.

Something that has stuck with me from the minimalists’ film and which I love so much is their phrase:

“Love people and use things. Don’t get the two mixed up”

I don’t want to be bouncing from one shiny purchase to the next. I don’t want to have my love for stuff overpower my love for people, I don’t want my self-esteem to be wrapped up in what I have instead of who I am.

The truth is that I’m not sure where these thoughts will take me but I’m sure it is the right path to take.

I’m just starting my journey of exploring what a different way of living might look like – one with less stuff and more…well, I suppose I’m asking myself what the ‘more’ might be…but I’m going to keep on pondering these thoughts of mine.

For if one thing is for sure, I know I want to live my life loving people over things and I want to be a good steward of the planet for the sake of my child’s future. Will you join me on this journey of exploration?


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