I had an introductory coaching session last night with a potential coaching client. It was a really interesting session and I greatly enjoyed talking to the individual. It’s partly what I love about coaching – meeting new people, gaining a glimpse into their lives and opening them up to possibility, whether they sign up to work with me more or just experience 30 minutes of coaching.

I’ve been reflecting on the experience and wanted to share with you, dear friend, what happened after the session and how I’m making small progress in putting down my perfectionist ways.

I was talking to my husband, Gregg, about how the session had gone (not about the content of what was discussed but my thoughts about how I had done as a coach) and I heard myself say ‘I just don’t think I did my best, I’m not sure I was good enough’.

And then, as quick as lightening, I corrected myself and said to him ‘actually, in that moment, I did do my absolute best. I gave it all I could’. 

It’s true. I didn’t slack off, I didn’t not try hard. I was present with my client and did all I could in that moment to coach as well as possible.

Sure, there were things that could have been better

  • I was tired at the end of a long week
  • I’m pretty sure that pregnancy is making my brain a bit fuzzy sometimes and it can be a bit harder to find my words when I’m tired
  • The person might have been looking for executive coaching, and my jam – what lights me up – is interpersonal coaching

But I did my best and recognised that straight away.

I didn’t beat myself up or focus on my shortcomings.

I was able to see myself exactly as I am – someone who tried their best, gave their all.

And that is good enough for me.

Sometimes it feels like I’m wading through mud on this journey of life. Trying to make progress and accept myself but falling woefully short of just giving myself a break. But in that moment I felt like I was finally reaching a point of having surer footing, where I’m able to treat myself with greater compassion, grace and love.

And it feels bloody amazing! It shows me that this journey (which sometimes feels like a gruelling marathon), is completely worthwhile and it shows me that I’m making progress.


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