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Keep breathing

I’ve been thinking a lot about being in the present moment ever since I wrote my last post where I shared my memory of running through the rice fields in Japan and feeling a real sense of well-being.

The song I was listening to when I had this special moment of presence and flow was ‘keep breathing’ by Ingrid Michaelson.

The song speaks about Ingrid wanting to do so much – change the world – but the reality that all she can do is keep breathing.

It makes me consider all the striving I do in life and how I usually have so little time for just being. I’m not saying this with a judgement or a view that I shouldn’t strive – I think that to do so would be to fight against my personality and everything which makes me me.

But I do think that I could do some more breathing – giving myself space and time to step back and relax for a moment. Putting less expectation and pressure on myself to push, to achieve, to be great at each and every moment. I can see the benefit of finding a moment to not get drawn up in the busyness of life but instead be present to the immediate moment and all that I’m experiencing.

And so at 3am, as I’m sat here feeding my son, Jenson, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m not going to use this night time awakeness to plan our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia or think about all that I want to achieve when I get back to work.

All I will do is keep breathing and be fully here in this moment. And I hope that you can find a similar moment of calm as you start your day, wherever you are, dear friend.

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