Travels with a baby

Many people said “you’re brave!” when I mentioned that I would be travelling in Asia with my husband and my 5 month old baby. Underneath was the fear or disbelief that being in a hot country, far away from the UK and without a normal routine would be anything other than hell.

But I’m sat outside in the sun in Morocco after a blissful 5 days with close friends of ours and, after this time away, I can’t look forward to our month of travels more than I am right now.

The plane

When we were invited to Morocco, I knew that the plane journey would be a great test for the longer one to come. What extra supplies would we need? Would it be hell on Earth?

It was actually really pleasant!

After Jenson having all the bright lights and visual stimulus of the departure lounge – so much to see and experience – he was pretty pooped and ready to sleep for much of the trip. During the 3-4 hours of the flight, he spent half of it snoozing or feeding and the rest being entertained between Gregg and myself.

What we need

We’ve not needed much during our time here. A few toys and books to read him (I only brought one book and think I need some more or I’ll go mad repeating the same book over and over!), a few sets of clothes, basic wash stuff, teething meds and nappy supplies. That’s it. So we’ll scale back and travel light.


We’re staying with some of the warmest and most laidback people here in Morocco. They’ve been so kind and happy for days to be spent going at a pace that is right for Jenson and his little baby friend. We’ve been out but we’ve also just spent time enjoying the different surroundings and eating the yummiest of foods.

It’s been a lovely, relaxing time with our friends too. As both of us couples have little ones, we’ve been happy to sit around chatting, understanding if the little ones just need a bit of down time and helpful with each other.

It’s made us realise that our trip abroad isn’t going to be the site-filled, jam-packed trip that we may have done in the past. It’ll be taken at a slower pace – an afternoon lounging around a pool or playing games with Jenson, a bit of sightseeing if we want to with Jenson happy in his papoose, time strolling around at a slow pace in the heat.

It won’t be like before, but it’ll be perfect for what we need.


Being around such a warm and caring family who have showered Jenson with cuddles, kisses and endless games has made me realise what a social butterfly my son is.

He’s happiest when he’s surrounded by different people. He needs people to be at his best.

And I realise that I’ve picked that up as his mum, spending the past 4 months walking around Brighton to see people and taking him to many groups where he can interact with other babies and adults. It’s nice to know that I’ve intuitively done what he has needed.

So I see just how much he’ll love being in Vietnam and Cambodia where children are cherished so very much. He’ll love being around so many people, in the midst of such hustle and bustle.

I can’t wait!

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