I’m sat here on my journey back from work just feeling so lucky. One of my beautiful NCT friends has a son who is ill and is going to have open heart surgery in the near future; a child who couldn’t be more loved, more wanted, more cherished, more adored.

And all my concerns and stresses seem to fade away in comparison.

I know that I have the right to feel how I do – anxious about how work is going to go as I step back in as a full time mum, concerned about whether I’ll be able to keep on breastfeeding around my work calendar which doesn’t always have time for me to express during the day, struggling with how to be unashamedly me in a world which has taught me that only ‘X‘ women (thin, extravert, positive, unfailingly confident, compliant) are acceptable.

But at this moment, all I can think of is my friend and her son and how incredibly lucky I am to have good physical health. And again, how much I love the NHS who are providing the best care this family could hope for in this situation.

I know that I’m only able to be on a journey of self-actualisation and personal growth because I have good health, because I was born into a family who have the means to support me, because I live in a country that is comparably wealthy to others. It’s all down to luck. Yes, some personal choices (studying hard, saving well, being a kind person), but mostly down to luck.

I am incredibly lucky and I am pouring all my love, hopes and wishes onto this family with what they’re going through. I hope you’ll take a minute to think of them and send positive wishes and hopes their way.

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