Now is the time

I’ve been hearing for a number of years about scary environmental things, like how ‘overshoot day’ (when we use all the resources the earth can regenerate in a year) was 1 August this year, how bees (crucial to pollinate and enable our food to grow) are on a teetering path towards extinction and how we’re 1 degree away from a planetary domino effect which would render much of our planet inhabitable.

I’ve got to be honest, it scares the fuck out of me.

I look at my son and am desperate to ensure that he has a planet to live on which isn’t plagued by famine, lack of land as the water level rises (because of polar ice melting) and drought.

Instead of retreating into myself and consuming a vast quantity of chocolate to placate myself, I’m going to be vocal about it.

I feel heavy of heart but also propelled to act, to shout to everyone about it.

We must to do something about this.

Each and every one of us.

Individually and collectively. We must take action, whatever we can. You must take action, whatever you can. I must take action, whatever I can.

It could be:

  • going without a car where possible,
  • eating less meat and dairy (the second biggest cause of climate change),
  • putting on a jumper before you turn on the heating (hard to think about in the summer!)
  • not buying food made with unsustainable palm oil (responsible for mass deforestation of the amazon rainforest – our planet’s lungs),
  • taking plastic bags to the shops instead of buying new ones,
  • buying less ‘new’ stuff
  • stopping using chemical cleaners and returning to old, kinder methods (like vinegar instead of bleach)
  • opting to refill products to use less plastic

There are so many choices we can make. Overshoot day has some interesting thoughts too – see here)

Yes, it needs heavy legislation from the government to stop the practices that damage the planet on a large scale – a ban on non-sustainable palm oil, financial aid to allow farmers to switch from dairy/meat industry to more sustainable practices, heavy taxes on the production of single-use plastic…

But to say that it’s all down to legislation (that individual, small actions can’t lead to mass change) is shedding ourselves of our responsibility to this planet and future generations.

Putting the blood of future generations on our hands.

So I invite you to stand with me in whatever way you can – if that’s opting for one of the choices above, joining in the debate about what else is possible, sharing this post on social media to get the message out to more people…we need to act collectively and individually.

Now is the time.


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