Top ten

As I lay in bed last night, waiting for sleep to come, I was drawn to thinking about the best things about last year.

And so I thought I’d share some top lists with you to celebrate my baby boy turning one.

Top five best things about becoming a mum

    The joy of watching Jenson grow and develop
    The cuddles and time spent resting next to Jenson as he sleeps
    How it has changed me as a person, mostly for the better
    The determination to deal with my demons so that I don’t pass them – the people pleasing, comfort eating – onto Jenson
    The pleasure of spending time as a family of three and seeing my husband as a brilliant, involved, caring dad

Gregg’s top three best things about becoming a dad

  1. Us all going travelling
  1. Having the time to go do things with Jenson, like swimming
  1. Getting to watch our little baby change and grow up

The best ten moments of this year

  1. Going away to Cambodia and Vietnam
  2. Our trip to Morocco
  3. Making new friendships that will span over his life
  4. Getting ice cream and giving some to Jenson
  5. Reading ‘my child won’t eat’ and feeling such relief that Jenson isn’t starving
  6. The endless baths with Jenson as a newborn
  7. Visits from friends from all over the world to meet my new little man
  8. Understanding what all my other mum friends were going through
  9. Dancing with Jenson and Gregg at the Bimble Bindada festival
  10. Realising that shared parental leave was the best decision for Gregg forming a deeper relationship with Jenson

Five most difficult moments of this year

  1. The last bit of labour
  2. Struggling with breastfeeding and getting my supply up…and all the stories I told myself about not being a good mum if I couldn’t feed him from my milk supply
  3. Stretching myself too thin on holiday in Wales
  4. When Jenson got norovirus and ended up in A&E
  5. Nursery settling in

The five things I would have done differently

  1. Asked more questions about Jenson’s tongue tie
  2. Stayed in bed for the two weeks after his birth to fully recover
  3. Asked for more help when I needed it
  4. Extended our epic trip away by a few weeks
  5. Been more specific with Gregg about my views on weaning, TV time and other stuff

The ten things I couldn’t have done without

  1. The food I made in advance of Jenson’s birth
  2. The first twelve seasons of Grey’s anatomy that I binged during my maternity leave
  3. The friends and family who supported me in this first year
  4. The new friends I met who walked with me on this journey of motherhood
  5. My baby carrier which helped me walk the streets of Brighton
  6. The new mums notebook – which I used all this year to record memories and thoughts about this year
  7. The attachment parenting groups and friends who supported me in finding my parenting style
  8. The baby groups in Brighton which got me out and kept my sanity
  9. This blog
  1. The phrase ‘this too shall pass’ – knowing that everything is a phase and will not last indefinitely

The three things I want to do next year

  1. Listen to my instincts more
  2. Have a bit more time to myself – to coach, nurture myself and have a bit more sanity
  3. Look into raising children vegan so that we can make an informed choice about Jenson’s diet

The two things I’m looking forward to on Jenson’s birthday

  1. Spending time celebrating with my family
  2. Eating the massive birthday cake I’ve made for him

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