Permission to not be extraordinary

Yes, my second post of the day…which can only mean one thing – I’ve got the day off work! I’m using up my last hours of leave for this financial year and it’s bliss to take things easy and have a bit of time to myself.

I had a day off two weeks ago and it was like salve to my soul. I had lunch out, went to the cinema, had my hair cut, read a book, blogged, ate cake and did a multitude of beautiful things that I usually don’t have time for (or if I do, I get to do them in little snippets of time which takes away some of the beauty of it).

When I was thinking about what I’d get up to today, I didn’t have a list of things I needed to do, but I put so much pressure on myself.

  • I needed to make the most of my time alone.
  • I needed this day to be filled to the brim with something – rest, excitement, beauty, joy – since it was so precious to have this time to myself.
  • I needed to carpe diem the ass out of this time alone since when they’re used up, I’ll not have any random days to use up.

But I didn’t have a desire to go to the cinema, didn’t have oodles of cash to splash out on a massage or facial, felt like it might just be nice to enjoy a pre-Jenson throwback day and enjoy all the things I did before becoming a mum.

I would have maybe read, blogged, rested, watched some TV, had some ‘cave time’ in the kitchen cooking for the week ahead, would have perhaps gone to a cafe to relax and enjoy the paradox of solitude in the company of others.

And so I’ve given myself permission to not be extraordinary today.

I’ve given myself permission to not leave today with a fundamental shift in my being and to instead just enjoy a day of pre-child relaxation and time alone.

A bit of exercise, a few pottering tasks, a shop for chilli and cookie ingredients, a stop at a cafe to read my book and to another cafe to eat breakfast and blog.

And so far it has been wonderful. A perfect, un-extraordinary day.


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