A note from myself in 2017

I found a piece of writing I did in 2017 – and thought I’d share it with you, my friend.

I hope it speaks to those of you who struggle with people pleasing and low self-worth…

You feed on the affirmation of other people; their praise, encouragement, confirmation of worth and you feel that this is enough to fed you. But in truth you’re starving – the fast-food, soul detracting opinion of others is not enough, not nearly enough to sustain you.

Yet, dear one, there is enough here within you – I have plenty to share from a source that will never know scarcity.

Inside is a banquet of love, joy, abundance, generosity, confidence, surety – if only you would stop bustling around collecting the scraps and crumbs from others, you would be able to stop, to rest, to feast on these delights.

All you need is to stop.

To turn your hearing inside and listen. To notice the beat of your heart, the beat of love, continually drumming for you.

Then you would go to things, join in with things, not to exchange your authenticity for acceptance, but merely to experience life.

You would pour yourself into experiences by wouldn’t be attached to the outcome for your worth would not be defined by it.

Your worth would be anchored in yourself and you would know how fully and extraordinarily worthy you are.


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