I’m sat on the shoreline, watching the sun go down.

Planet Earth doesn’t stop revolving despite pandemics and planetary crisis. Earth may be coming undone but nature continues as ever, the surf rolling in, the sun sinking low.

I was about to write a post about sea swimming, something I’ve just started to do. But then I realised I didn’t need to share it with the world to make it important or meaningful. I didn’t need to read into the importance of this activity or share with others in case they might be interested in what it could bring them.

I was happy in my lane. Just doing my thing and sharing it with a few friends.

You may have seen if you’ve been following this blog for the six or so years it’s been going that the number of posts I’ve been writing has decreased of late.

Once a integral part of my being, a weekly commitment, this site has nursed me and brought me through some dark times.

Before I was able to share the very depths of my sorrow with somebody flesh, face-to-face, this blog site was a place where I could be truly me and express my joy, sorrow, anger, frustration, depression, anxiety.

All of me.

It was a place I could remove the mask of who I was in company and be truly me.

It followed me through my growth – into becoming a coach, a mother and a leader. Into being more comfortable with who I am and what I might become.

And although I know this isn’t the end of my development, I also feel like this is the time to put a pause to the public ponderings of my life.

Maybe it’s because I now feel more comfortable reaching out for help. Learning to be vulnerable with people in the flesh. Sharing more with those I know.

So here’s a simple ‘goodbye’ if only for now.

Who knows, I might be back one day, but at the moment I’m hanging up my blogging hat.

And it feels good.

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