About me

Well hello there, beautiful!

My name is Amy and I am so grateful that you’ve chosen to visit my online space where I explore what it means to live a life of courage, truth and love.


I’ve been on a personal journey of self-exploration for quite some times now…probably since my early twenties when I  recovered from a number of eating disorders and I actively examined my life. In doing so I discovered how much of it was spent pleasing other people and how I so often hid behind a mask of what I thought other people wanted me to be for fear of rejection.

Fast forward 15 years later and I’ve come quite some way along my journey of courage, truth and love! I’ve learnt a lot about who I am, have discovered that I have a voice that cries out to be expressed (in writing on this blog or by sharing with others) and have become a transformational coach to support others to find their way in life.

I can now say that I love myself, I put myself first more often and I live a more authentic existence, not hustling for the approval or acceptance of others.

Some things you may not know about me:

  • I’m a global soul, born in Australia, have lived in France & Japan and am currently living on the south coast of the UK.
  • I’m left-handed and am an extremely imaginative person – dreaming and creating is in my DNA!
  • I live in Brighton with my husband – we’ve just bought our first house together.
  • I am an empath, sensitive to emotions and able to read other people’s energy more than the average person.
  • My greatest strengths are my gratitude, my capacity to love & be loved, my kindness & generosity, a love of learning and diligence & perseverance.

I hope you’ll join me on this life journey because I can’t help but feel that it’s the most important one there is!