So far I've loved the slow, dreamy pace of motherhood. I've spent hours lying on the sofa feeding Jenson, forgot about housework and done very little with my time. Don't get me wrong, I've written about my experience as a new mum, gone out to lots of groups and met up with loads of people.… Continue reading Pace

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His best interest

I'm just leaving Derbyshire after a long weekend of family celebrations and time with friends. If I'm honest, I was a bit apprehensive about the time up here before we came because it was my first big trip away from home with our son and it was quite a busy time with lots of plans… Continue reading His best interest

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Why now, what for, what else?

I've been continuing to read my book 'how to break up with your phone' (I wrote about it in another blog here) and enjoying the day-by-day activities to reduce the amount of time I mindlessly spend staring at social media apps. It's been straight forward, albeit a bit scary as I deleted all the apps… Continue reading Why now, what for, what else?

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Coping with a crying baby

I've been bouncing and singing and cuddling and feeding and talking to and loving Jenson for 45 minutes while he cried and cried and cried. Well tried were the ideas I've got written on my 'things to do when Jenson cries' list and none were working in calming him down. He would not settle. It's… Continue reading Coping with a crying baby

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Breaking up with my phone

I wrote a few weeks ago about disconnecting a bit from social media and my phone - since I've been on maternity leave I've been finding myself going from app to app more often than usual and mindlessly passing time scrolling through pages and pages of content without really being aware that I'm doing it.… Continue reading Breaking up with my phone

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I've not been great at trusting my intuition, instead I've always tended to trust people in positions of authority. I think our education system, culture and my personality has meant that I tend to trust others and this has often manifested as trusting others more than I trust myself. This is a tricky one to… Continue reading Intuition

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As a new mother I've become increasingly aware that I've got less resources available to me. I'm more tired, I've got more on my mind and the 'pushing through life' I used to do has more of a toll on me than it did before. I can feel the impact of my diminished resources. I… Continue reading Relax

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My personal mean girl

I have a mean girl voice inside me. I think we all have a version of a mean girl, although many of us don't listen to her much. I've been a bit poorly over the last couple of days. Nothing major, just bunged up with cold and with a bit of a cough. And coupled… Continue reading My personal mean girl

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Axis shifting

It's been almost four weeks since my son came into this world and everything has been dominated by him pretty much. Blogs awkwardly typed in as he napped on my chest, conversations with half my brain focused on him, hours spent staring in amazement at what I created, endless conversations about what he's been up… Continue reading Axis shifting

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Knowing myself

I've been thinking a lot about what truly matters to me. I think it's to do with the changes of becoming a mum and finding myself with different priorities. But it's more than that. It's to do with me starting to know what I want from life and being clearer in my resolve to go… Continue reading Knowing myself