I could fall

It has been great to share my struggles and journey to ‘normal’ eating here with you, lovely friend, but it has also come at a price if I’m honest. Publicly sharing my journey of comfort eating means that if I fall, I will have a heightened sense of disappointment, shame and guilt.

In fact, when I shared my victory online from a recent weekend where I didn’t overeat, I was suddenly overwhelmed with an urge to eat and I knew the feeling wasn’t coming from hunger. I was trying to push down my panic with food. Continue reading

Being ok

As I’m writing this post, I feel a multitude of emotions…the most prevalent being panic and worry. When I enquire more into these feelings, I realise that they come from the fear that if I share these words and thoughts with you, dear friend, they might trigger action; they might lead to things getting slightly messy in my life, and that is really scary.  Continue reading