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The reason is valid…

Some of you may be aware that when I was younger, and until my mid twenties, I battled with eating disorders. Anorexia, then bulimia (although my way of purging wasn't through throwing up - I'd manically exercise to purge myself from the compulsive overeating). Although my life is a lot more balanced, I still struggle… Continue reading The reason is valid…

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I want to share with you another beautiful nugget of wisdom from episode 100 of the RobCast. It feels strange to get so much from this podcast as I came at it with deep feelings of mistrust. You see, Rob is a Christian minister and I've had walls up about faith in general, but especially Christianity, since… Continue reading Transformation

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Forgiveness – my recent experience

I'm now on my 47th day of being comfort eating free, which is an amazing achievement for me. It's truly wonderful to know that I'm able to feel so much freedom on days when it comes easily - having more focus and space for other things in my life. It's also so good, however difficult, to confront… Continue reading Forgiveness – my recent experience