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My incredible body

When I was pregnant, I was slightly worried about how I would cope with my body after labour. How would I feel about being in a body that was slightly flabby, potentially a bit broken and not like the one I had pre-pregnancy? I knew that part of my thoughts were due to the struggles I've… Continue reading My incredible body

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Conflict – part 2 

I recently wrote about some conflict I was having at work and shared my thoughts and feelings about dealing with it. Having now resolved the situation, I wanted to spend a few moments exploring the situation and reflecting on what went well and what could have been done better. Worthiness I felt so nervous the morning… Continue reading Conflict – part 2 

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The finished article

I've been wondering for a few months how my blog - this wonderful outlet for my thoughts, experiences and feelings - can co-exist with my desire to practice as a life coach. I've keenly felt the tension of being honest with my struggles, openly owning my flaws and expressing that I'm not the finished article… Continue reading The finished article