So you want to get more from your career? Have a change of roles? Feel more valued at work? Know what the hell you want to do with your life? Develop the courage to step into freelancing?

I know exactly how you feel, dear friend! We spend much of our lives at work and with retirement ages rising, it’s more important than ever to do what makes you happy at work! But we have so many options available to us now. And with the wealth of options and the ability to change directions and have multiple careers can come the paralysing enormity of what our next step will be.

I’ve been in your shoes, unsure, lacking in confidence, doubtful about which way to turn. These feelings led me to jump from job to job – working at a university, living in Japan teaching English, an office job, a sales position…until finally I realised that I wanted more. I wanted to find passion in my working day, to be in a job where I felt as excited as I do in my free time, where I felt I was truly able to make a difference. And it was life coaching that helped me to make the move to the role I’m in now – a role that I abso-bloody-lutely love!

What did I get from career coaching?

  • Coaching helped me move from a crossroads in my career when I wasn’t sure which move to make
  • Coaching gave me the confidence to apply for jobs that matched my ambition
  • Coaching supported me to find my voice at work and gave me the confidence to negotiate a pay rise that I felt reflected my value to the organisation
  • Coaching gave me the insight that I wanted to become a coach, took me on a journey of studying a diploma of transformational coaching and fuelled the development of Courage Truth Love

What else might you get from working with me? 

  • To find out what truly matters to you in your career
  • To grow in confidence about your value at work, especially during times of change or transition in the workplace
  • To have accountability to mapping out and actioning the steps you want to take to change your career
  • To deal with any perfectionist personality traits that might push you beyond your limits at work
  • To uncover any ‘shoulds’ you have about your career that hold you back

Through coaching with me, you will grow in confidence, gain understanding about what’s important to you at work and explore possible new options for your life.

Want to get started on your coaching journey? I offer a free 30 minute coaching discovery session to help you explore what you might get from working with me. If you’d like to give this a go, please get in touch using the form below.

I look forward to hearing from you!