If I know one thing for sure at the moment, it’s how turbulent a journey parenthood can be. As a mother-to-be, I go through a huge range of emotions every day, from self-doubt to wonderment as I feel my baby move inside me, from feelings of anxiety to giddying highs at the excitement of what’s to come.

I know all too well that parenthood isn’t just a journey that starts with pregnancy. For many people, the journey to conceive is a long and arduous one, full of much hope and despair.

Coaching can help with both these areas – dealing with being a parent and coping on the journey to becoming a parent. Working side by side, I will work with you to identify what you want to achieve and then support you to reach your goals.

I know that parenthood is such an emotive subject and I create a safe and supportive space for you to express your feelings and take the best course of action for you.

Areas you may explore with me include:

  • Growing in confidence about your ability as a parent
  • Life events, be it a birth, new partnership, world news, death
  • Finding hope on your journey to parenthood if you’re finding it hard to conceive
  • Coping with the anxiety that parenthood can bring
  • Embedding new behaviours around relating to your child
  • Working through parenting style clashes
  • Improving your relationship with your child
  • Shedding the unhelpful guilt that many people feel for being a working parent
  • Issues at schools, such as bullying, homework, teachers
  • Peer pressure and worries about friends

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