…overcome comfort eating

I am open and honest about my struggles with comfort eating. It started in my childhood – food was a crutch I used to get through times of stress and to suppress how I felt when I was hurt, angry, anxious, fearful…any negative emotion really.

You can read more about what I experienced with food addiction here and my thoughts about comfort eating on my blog.

I would be lying to say that I never have the urge to comfort eat when life is stressful, but I’ve learnt how to cope with my feelings better and now know I have a choice.

Food doesn’t have the same power over me.

Having been in your shoes is why I am well placed to coach you in your journey to balanced eating – I’ve been there.

I’m not talking about a journey to strict dieting and controlling behaviour around food. Or a journey in which the measure of success is whether you can fit into whatever sized clothes.

I’m talking about a journey to being free from thinking about food the whole time, being able to eat in moderation and finding enjoyment and a lightness around food, even when you’ve had one slice of cake too many.

No guilt, no shame, no feelings of unworthiness. Just love and acceptance of yourself and a healthy, balanced approach to food.

I know from my experience how eating and food is often a way to push down uncomfortable feelings in life and I’ve discovered that the only way to change my relationship with food is to untangle what’s going on underneath.

  • Opening yourself up to the pain instead of numbing it with food
  • Speaking your mind instead of pushing your feelings down with cakes
  • Feeling the sadness instead of denying that you’re upset under endless packets of crisps
  • Choosing to be seen instead of hiding behind huge portions of chips

And that’s what we’ll do in our coaching sessions together. Untangle what’s really going on underneath.

What I like about coaching (as opposed to counselling) is that it is focused on the future. Sure, we might look back at the past to get insight about why we feel the way we do and to identify negative self-talk, but in coaching, we will focus on where you want to be in the future and what you need to do to get there.

Once you’ve dealt with what’s going on underneath – and I know it’s true of myself – food tends to be a non-issue. As I wrote in a blog post about my comfort eating and eating disorders:

“…on your journey, you both need to fight against the disordered eating, but also accept that it’s not really about the eating at all – it’s about accepting, loving, forgiving yourself and making sense of what you’ve experienced. 

It’s a paradox that feels nonsensical. But it’s true. It’s about food, but it’s not. 

So pay attention to the food, but also pay attention to yourself. Value your thoughts, your feelings, your views. Because they may not always be right, but they are valid. You have the right to feel them. So push forward with finding your feet, accepting and listening to yourself.” 

This will be what we work on together –

valuing your thoughts, feelings and views

accepting, loving, forgiving yourself

making sense of what you’ve experienced

I’ve come out the other side of comfort eating and I know you can too.

I can’t wait to support you on your journey to freedom with food. Please fill the form out below to arrange a free 30 minute coaching discovery session to explore what you could get from working with me.