What I charge

So you’re interested in working with me – great! I believe in being open and upfront in my coaching and, as so, I am clear about the cost of working with me both financially and the effort you’ll be expected to make during and between sessions.

Your financial commitment

My current rate is £45 per hour or you can book 5 sessions for £200. Most coaches charge between £80-£120 per session so you’re getting me and all my coaching expertise for a steal and I, in return, will get to witness you go on an amazing journey of self-transformation!

My rate is currently lower than many coaches because it is a labour of love for me – I want my support to be accessible for most people and so I charge a price that reflects my expertise and the effort that I’ll put into each session with you but is affordable.

What you can expect from me

One of the things I value most when being coached myself is someone really listening to me and hearing what I’m saying (and not saying!). And that’s what you’ll get from me in these sessions.

I’ll fully listen to you, ask questions and challenge you on what you are (and aren’t) saying, all with love and care for you.

The coaching sessions are 60-90 minutes long (either via Skype/FaceTime, by phone or in person) and I’ll check in with you between calls/sessions to explore the progress you’re making.

What you need to bring

Coaching is such a transformative process, one which has brought such radical change in my life. But it requires time, attention and dedication. You’ll need to be prepared to fully show up, knowing what you want to cover and you’ll need a willingness to go into sometimes uncomfortable territory.

You’ll also need follow-through to make the changes you want to make to your life. How much you get from coaching is reflected by how much effort you put into it.

Your journey with me will be truly life changing and you can rest assured that I’ll be there to support you along every step of the way.

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