Why I coach

As I’ve shared with you in my ‘about me‘ page, I discovered coaching in 2015 and it allowed me to change so much in my life. It was coaching that helped me to not just come to peace with my past, but to shape my future into the life I wanted to live.

I love this analogy about coaching as it sums up my experience of coaching:

“Just as every tiny acorn has within it the potential to grow into a great oak tree, coaching is based on the belief that every human being is a unique individual with similar potential. Coaching allows the individual to discover their potential and supports them as they develop the skills and confidence that will enable them to make full use of it.” John Whitmore

My coaching journey

Coaching allowed me to grow (like that acorn) into something I never thought I could be. And here’s a few of the steps I took and the achievements I made with the support of my coaches:

  • I made peace with the impact of my anorexia on my younger sister. I took the brave step to reach out to her, explain why I had starved myself for so long and apologised for what my struggles had meant to her. This guilt was a huge burden that I had been carrying around for years and the steps I took allowed me to forgive myself and deepen my relationship with her.
  • I successfully negotiated a pay rise at my place of work, which completely covered the cost of my coaching (and then some!). I’d have never been confident enough to go after what I wanted financially prior to coaching.
  • I started to listen to my intuition and dropped much of my people pleasing ways. I had spent years doing what others wanted me to do (or what I thought was expected from others) so this was a shift which has continued to develop and has now started to shape how I live my life in a much deeper way. 
  • I grew in the belief that I deserved a more fulfilling career and made the move to an organisation that is more aligned to my values and a role that has the ambition and scope I’m looking for.
  • I started to remove the mask of ‘being ok’ (always feeling like I had to always be the happy, bright, enthusiastic, together one) and as such, am living a more authentic life.
  • I simplified what I want in life and, in doing so, am less anxious. I know what I want to do – have a fulfilling career, grow a thriving coaching practice, have a baby and move to Australia. Seeing things in this way not only clarified my desires, it has reduced the chatter of worries in my head. And I’ve started out on my path to go after what I want – I now have a beautiful baby boy and careers I love as a coach and in organisational development.
  • I came to the realisation that I wanted to become a coach and started my studies which has led me to coach many people already.

So as you can see, I made some pretty huge moves in my professional life, came to peace with my past and made some subtle shifts that have had a profound experience in how I live my life.

I believe this level of transformation is available to us all, and I hope that you’ll contact me to start having transformational shifts in your life too!

Does any of what I’ve shared resonate with you? If so, why not book a free 30 minute session with me to explore what coaching could do for you? Contact me by putting your details into the contact box below.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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