Felix Felicis

I’ve had a lucky day. The luckiest that I’ve had in a while.

So lucky that I’ve felt as if I’ve drunk some ‘Felix Felicis’ – lucky potion from the world of Harry Potter. A potion which led him to find out Lord Voldemort’s understanding of Horcruxes and ultimately led to the good witches and wizards winning the epic fight of good against evil.

Sorry if I’ve dropped a major spoiler on you…but it’s been almost two decades since the Potter books were released!

What has my luck been today?

Well, I’m off work today and the weather has been glorious!

I unearthed a remote that Jenson had hidden away and we thought was lost forever more (and the other remote we’ve got has started to be on the blink so it’s great that I’ve found our spare one).

I managed to get to some of my favourite people for a chat on the phone and I’ve found true ease in the day.

It’s just glided beautifully along.

Don’t worry though – this isn’t a post simply about how f-ing perfect my life is in some sort of aggressive rant about #myperfectlife.

It’s about seizing the day.

You see, since it’s an especially lucky day, I thought that I would proactively seek things that I’d love to experience or would do if I knew I had taken a dose of felix felicis.

So I reached out to a woman I’ve seen around Brighton and asked to get involved with some events she runs. They’re really inspiring and I’d love to direct a bit of my energy into helping with them…as well as perhaps finding some more people who are my sort of people in the Brighton area.

And I contacted a woman who runs a podcast I adore to see if I’d be the sort of person she’d like to have on as a guest. It feels like a long shot in some ways but in the spirit of today, I thought ‘why not me?!’

I’m not sure what will come of these two things – perhaps something positive, perhaps something negative, perhaps nothing.

But it’s shown me a glimpse of what life would be like if I lived from a sense of possibility and a belief that good things are coming my way.

I would put myself in front of things I want.

I’d reach out to people who intrigue me.

I’d ask for what I want.

I’d listen to my intuition more – when to say ‘hell yes!’ and when to be comfortable prioritising myself and my need for solitude.

Yes, luck is about things happening in synchronicity around us. But it’s also us adapting and shaping and responding to things around us.

Thinking ‘why not me?’ ‘why not now?’ and seizing opportunities that are around us.

It’s been a wonderfully lucky day…


Only a few days left

Just shy of a month ago I started an adventure of my dreams – a trip around Asia with my husband and five – now soon to be six – month old baby boy. I’m now sat in the north of Vietnam, surrounded by beautiful rice fields and mountains with only a few days left of this trip and am reflecting on what this time has given me and my family.

I think that I’ve mostly enjoyed the space that these travels have given me. Time away from the normal humdrum rhythm of life where there is washing to do, cleaning to avoid and constantly things to do or fix around the house. With Gregg by my side, it has been lovely to co-parent our son instead of being chief in charge of his care, snatching minutes to do little things for me or my coaching business here and there when Gregg gets back from work.

It’s also given me a glimpse of the reality of going back to work as, even with his daddy showering him with love, Jenson constantly reaches towards me for comfort when he’s tired, restless, upset or feeling any difficult emotion. And it makes sense because I have solely fed him, spent 90% of his life with him, slept curled around him. So I’m aware that, as much as it’s right for me to go back to work in just over a week, it’s going to be brutally hard at times. For Jenson, for Gregg and for me.

The new reality of parenthood has firmly sunk in (even more than it had before – if that’s possible!). Our trip away has been wonderful, but it has been at Jenson’s pace. We’ve been tucked up in bed by 10:30 at the latest, I’ve only had a few sips of the delicious alcohol over here and there has been less time for personal reflection as I would have done before, no hours spent journaling in beautiful cafes or reading for hours on beautiful beaches. It’s not bad or lesser or not preferable. It’s just not the same. And even though life will go back to a more similar version of what was before as Jenson finds his independence and grows up, I firmly know that my life has been changed forever as a mum.

And the life change has been wonderful in ways as we have been welcomed by the Cambodians and Vietnamese people we have met so warmly all because of Jenson. We’ve been engaged with so much more, had Jenson spirited away into a person’s arms so we could eat a meal as a couple and at times couldn’t walk 10 meters without someone coming up to talk to us about Jenson. He’s been cherished, loved and has enthralled the people we’ve met and has opened peoples hearts to show us more of these countries than I could have ever hoped.

This time has also shown me all that is possible with a baby. How it is possible to travel with children. How it is possible to live life as a parent without being in constant state of fear about what might happen. How parenting is about trusting my instincts instead of some ‘how-to’ book. How I can write my own rules as a mum. And that has been refreshing and eye-opening.

Finally, this trip has shown me that I’m not finished adventuring. As I said when I left Cambodia, I’ve loved exploring this part of the world, seeing new things and learning about other people and myself. While Gregg has shared with me that he is ready to come home, I’ve got a few more countries in me still. I feel that I could continue onto Laos or spend another month going to China to explore different cultures and places. There is so much of this world to explore and I am keen to see more of it!

Oh how I could go on – there is so much more I could reflect on as this trip as brought so much richness into my life but for now, this is enough. I’m off for a final walk of the day around this beautiful area of the world.