Terms and conditions

So here is the important stuff…what you’ll need to sign up to if you choose to work with me:


  1. Coaching is a partnership with my coach that exists to encourage and facilitate the creation, development and progression of my personal and/or professional goals.
  2. Coaching can be a comprehensive and challenging process that may involve all aspects of my life.
  3. Coaching is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, health services or any specialist consultancy.
  4. I take responsibility for following up and performing any tasks discussed and committed to in the coaching sessions.

Session Time

  1. Each coaching session will last for approximately 60 minutes.
  2. The date and time for the next coaching session will be scheduled at the end of each coaching session unless otherwise agreed upon.
  3. It is my responsibility to attend the coaching session as per the agreed time.


  1. Coaching sessions are charged at a rate of £45 per session or 5 sessions for £200.
  2. The fee includes the coaching session plus emails contact in between.
  3. I must pay for each coaching session in advance.
  4. If I cease to continue with the coaching once it has commenced, I will not receive a refund for any used or pre-arranged coaching sessions.

Cancellation and Changes

  1. I must give at least 24 hours notice if I need to postpone or rearrange my coaching session.
  2. If I postpone a life coaching session without at least 24 hours notice, I will be charged for that missed coaching session.


  1. My coach is bound by a code of confidentiality that requires confidential safekeeping of all my disclosures.
  2. My coach will take every precaution to keep my information private.
  3. My information will not be disclosed except under legal obligation.
  4. All my records will be safely destroyed three years after my consultancy has ended.


  1. I will make my coach aware if I feel that I’m not getting what I need from the coaching so that the coaching can be adjusted to suit.