How I coach

So you’ve felt the call to coaching, something bigger than yourself whispering ‘this could be great’ and are wondering what working with me is like…

I’ve had several different coaches over my life and base my practices on the things I have loved from each of them:

  • I’m interested in you! I’ll listen intently, reflect back what you’re saying (and not saying) to give you greater insight into yourself.
  • I’m loving, caring and create a safe space for you to nurture your dreams into being
  • I’m intuitive and will gently point out if I think you’re holding back or doing yourself a disservice
  • I’m all about diving deep and doing the inner work to transform your life
  • I’ve got the memory of an elephant and will hold you to account for that which you’ve committed to do

I create a loving, supportive, accountable space to explore what you want more or less of in life and will cheer you on to get there! My role as coach is to tune you into the one person with the wisdom to guide you to what truly matters – you.

Ready to start on your coaching journey? Ready to invest in yourself and your future?

Get in touch using the form below, dear friend. I can’t wait to hear from you!